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Welcome to DyNS, your DNS service provider.
We provide a number of free and premium DNS related services for home or office use.
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Account service

    To use the DyNS services , you need a DyNS account, which is not free.
    Creating a DyNS account requires making a one-time donation to DyNS. You can choose the amount you donate.
    After creating an account, the services below are accessible for free.
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FREE dynamic DNS service

    Cable / DSL or even dialup users can enjoy this free service to replace their
    dynamic IP address with a static hostname.
    You can choose a hostname in our available domains: - - - ...
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FREE static URL redirection

    You can create a hostname in any of our domains and we will redirect it to any URL on the internet
    Transform your into
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FREE dynamic URL redirection

    You can create a hostname in any of our domains and we will redirect it to any IP and port on the internet
    This free service allows you to run HTTP services on your local machine on ANY port.
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FREE Premium services - for your own domain

    Don't like our suggested domains? No problem. You can have the same services, for your OWN domain.
    Use your own .com .net .org or any other top level domain for the dynamic DNS services.
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What's new?

Saturday 27 Aug 2016 21:02 BST | fixed : nameserver domain expired
The nameserver domain ( expired - we renewed the registration for th... (more)
Monday 17 Jan 2011 17:08 GMT | DyNS services , server upgraded / redundancy
Dear members, we have migrated to a new server to ensure the continuïty of ou... (more)
Wednesday 28 Sep 2005 14:57 BST | Server problems solved
The webserver's main CPU fan broke down, causing it to crash continuously. Our h... (more)

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